Lewis Davey is a specialist recruitment agency in cleantech, sustainability and town planning. While the pandemic has caused a shift in attention away from the climate emergency, it is quite clear that it isn’t going away. Nations worldwide are planning and introducing economic stimulus programs and leaders have the opportunity to move their focus away from volatile markets and invest in sustainable and cleaner energy technology that enables us all to be more resilient for the future. Read some of the the insights and content we have contributed to Lewis Davey to support their work in climate and net zero recruitment. We have supported the business by finessing their keyword strategy, content delivery and optimising their overall website structure. We continue to focus on content delivery, promoting the latest industry news and supporting the wider marketing strategy of Lewis Davey.


Climate Change Strategy and the impact of delaying COP26

Postponing a conference representing a vital chance to focus on tackling climate change may be perceived as counterproductive but could a delay to the climate conference have some benefits?

Building a stable and resilient industry for the future

Markets worldwide have experienced some of the worst levels of performance witnessed for years and the enforced restrictions on free movement have continued to disrupt global economic activities.